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About Us

Al Khaldi Holding Company is a major investment firm in Bahrain that offers a full suite of services financial services, established and registered on the 2nd of November 2005 as a fully independent investment company. At Al Khaldi Holding Company, we have the knowledge and experience to help you pursue your financial goals. Our clients always come first. We view ourselves as fiduciaries of your financial life, holding ourselves to an ethical standard of putting our clients’ needs ahead of our own. Our staff is always ready to address your concerns, answer your questions, and put you at ease. Scroll through the information below to learn more about the members of our team.Al Khaldi Holding Company has also established Joint Venture Companies with renowned International Partners like Siemens - one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics company, Al-SenKrupp - one of world's biggest technology Investments and Emkar - leaders in facilities and engineering services. Al Khaldi Holding Company is also currently engaged in the development of up-market and high rise real estate properties with foreign loan to companies engaged in profitable investment in the form of debt finance. Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity that is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in the Europe and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our network. As a social enterprise and impact investing company we offer a unique answer to the problem of sustainability. This means that we place capital in businesses and other vehicles that are designed to generate tangible social impact as well as a financial return.

Our holistic approach to financial guidance starts with establishing a personal relationship. Once we understand your values and goals, we will tailor our recommendations so you can pursue your dreams.We believe in common sense investing, which combines "Right Kind, Right Reason"diversification with an effective risk management. We match each client's financial resources with their financial liabilities and goals, rather than simply trying to generate maximum investment return. We abide by the fiduciary principle. Our asset management services are available based on a stated fee schedule, ensuring you and your wealth advisor are focused on the same goal: to protect the long-term performance of your investment portfolio. The common thread in all that we do is flexibility. Every assignment differs with respect to financial profile, duration, location, job content,... To meet these different client needs, Al Khaldi Holding Company Advisors has put together a team of financial professionals with diverse skills who are willing to travel, able to adjust quickly and act proactively within a changing environment. In all its operations, new or well established, quality is outstanding. To maintain quality Al Khaldi Holding Company constantly upgrades its investment approach, as well as instituting strict control regimes. They have resisted the pressure to compromise on quality in a price-sensitive market, and in the long term it has proved the right approach. The future of the group lies in its readiness to diversify, to hire and train the best staff, and to maintain the quality of its products and services. Al Khaldi Holding Company has shown that it possess the quality needed to succeed and, in the favorable business climate created by the Bahrain Government. We have every confidence that the company will continue to proper throughout the decades to come.


Our Management Team

Fahad Yaman Al Khaldi Chief executive officer
Abdulla Mohsen Managing Director
Abdul-Nur Imad Khouri Chief financial officer
Salim Nadhir Hadad Chief Investment officer

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Al Khaldi Holding Company
Address: P.O. Box 30323 , Manama , Bahrain
Email: [email protected]


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